Stage One - Evaluation - Output Specification - PQQ


cleaningtender4schools will firstly review the current cleaning service (cleaning standards, COSHH compliance, HACCP compliance and finances) and gauge the realistic benefits that could be available:

Clients in turn need to be clear of their own objectives:

  • What will the service standards be? A bespoke output specification developed by cleaningtender4schools and then implemented by the service provider will determine this.
  • Length of contract?
  • Special requirements – periodical cleaning
  • Stand alone or integrated services tender?


Output Specification:

Tendering for cleaning and housekeeping services has moved a long way in recent years from what was historically a format that identified the tasks required and then pre-determined how often those tasks were to be completed.

The approach we adopt is to draw together a bespoke output specification which determines what an acceptable standard of cleanliness is and then asks the bidding contractor to determine through their own expertise the resources required to maintain this level of cleanliness.

This allows us to maximise the efficiency and productivity of cleaning services to our clients.

Pre-Qualifying Questionnaire:

If a restricted tender process is instigated, to agree with our clients the pre-qualification questionnaire for circulation, thereby ensuring that the best qualified and experienced operators are kept in the process and that time is not wasted (from both parties sides) on bids that are simply not feasible.

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